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Mora County Oil and Gas Fracking Ban

Location: Mora County

Opposing Parties: Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico, and three local landowners

Initiation Date: Nov. 2013

Status: On-going

Clients/Partners: Mora County Board of Commissioners

Attorneys: Eric Jantz


Defend Mora County against legal challenges to the Mora County Community Water Rights and Local Self-Government Law, the first county level ordinance to ban all oil and gas drilling using hydraulic fracturing. The ban was adopted on April 29, 2013.

Latest News:

12/15/2014 - NMELC files memo in opposition to motion for summary judgement

12/03/2013 - NMELC files Answer Brief for clients.

11/2013 - Suit filed against Mora County Commissioners’ adoption of fracking ban.

Case Files:

12/14/2014 - Memo Opposing Summary Judgement.pdf

12/03/2013 - Answer Brief